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J.Walker of TLD, a UK based Christian rapper, songwriter and producer, has released his interpretation of the popular worship song 'Waymaker'. The project was produced by Holy Drill who is a Nigeria based producer who likes to mix popular sounds with drill music. The track is the latest release from (The Lion’s Den) label.

"People don’t usually need reminding about the crazy and traumatic things from their past. They do need reminding that they were able to overcome them", explains J. Walker. "We’ll of course want to stop terrible things from...
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J.Walker of TLD Releases 'The Rock'
Nov 16 2022

J.Walker of TLD Releases 'The Rock'

J.Walker of TLD has released his new single 'The Rock', available now on all streaming platforms. It’s become common to hear people talk about self-doubt, anxiety and a general struggle to deal with day-to-day life. We often…

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