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Before the members of alt-power rock band Sanctus Real began to craft songs for their latest album on the Sparrow label, they had already settled on the album title and the theme of the record: The Dream. A genre-stretching, introspective work of mature artistry, Sanctus Real’s seventh offering, The Dream, was born of a well-honed collaborative chemistry and a shared epiphany about what kind of dream is truly worth pursuing.

“The realities of the music industry can make or break you if you live by them,” explains Sanctus drummer Mark Graalman. “We’ve been doing this for so long. We’ve had our...
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Sanctus Real - Pieces of A Real Heart
Aug 29 2019

Sanctus Real - Pieces of A Real Heart

Our Classic Album of the week is Sanctus Real and 'Pieces of A Real Heart'. Have a Listen and tell us your favourite tracks! Title:Pieces of A Real HeartArtist:Sanctus RealReleased:09 Mar 2010Review: Writing is such a…



Sanctus Real - How Many Times
Nov 05 2021

Sanctus Real - How Many Times

Sanctus Real have released a new single called 'How Many Times'. "We hope this song communicates how amazing God's grace is each and every day and that because of what Christ has done for us we are redeemed", says the band I…


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