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In our latest interview, Singer-Songwriter Kira Fontana talks to Louder Than The Music about her new single 'Refuge', her new album due early next year, and her thoughts on making music to encourage others.

For those who haven't heard of you before, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got involved in making music?

I’ve been in music most of my life, starting with classical piano and songwriting as a child. Later on I studied classical and orchestral composition in college, then did singing, songwriting and film scoring in Los Angeles. In 2016, I had a radical conversion...
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Kira Fontana - Beauty for Ashes
Feb 22 2021

Kira Fontana - Beauty for Ashes

Singer-songwriter, producer and award-winning composer Kira Fontana has released her new song, 'Beauty for Ashes,' a resonating anthem of healing and redemption. This a soft single that isn't to be rushed. The quiet and…

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