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Popular Christian rapper J Vessel features on Jemimah Paine's new single 'Friend,' which she wrote with producer and songwriter Féz. J Vessel adds a captivating verse in the song which helps the single cross over from a more acoustic genre to touch on rap. J Vessel brings so much energy to the song.

Jemimah says: "I was so thrilled when J Vessel agreed to rap on ‘Friend,’ I feel very honoured that he was willing to collaborate and hope through this collaboration that this song reaches more...
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Jemimah Paine Releases New Single 'Friend'
Jun 18 2021

Jemimah Paine Releases New Single 'Friend'

At the start of 2021, producer and songwriter Feranmi Ogunseyinde (Fez) and singer-songwriter Jemimah Paine collaborated to write 'Friend', a song about Jemimah’s journey that speaks to her musical past and how she has seen…

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