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Cinematic, alternative-pop duo Apollo LTD releases its sophomore LP Nothing is Ordinary, Everything is Beautiful from Residence/Centricity Music. Available now at all major digital and streaming outlets internationally, the album blurs the horizon between organic and electronic music. At its heart, the recording is an uplifting pop album about resilience and resolve punctuated by messages about the human race's challenges amidst a mix of hooks that target the head as well as the heart.

Packing a punch with EDM drops, pulsing drumbeats and singalong choruses meant for clubs, cathedrals and...
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Apollo LTD - Nothing is Ordinary. Everything is Beautiful.
Feb 11 2021

Apollo LTD - Nothing is Ordinary. Everything is Beautiful.

Our Featured Album of the week is 'Nothing is Ordinary. Everything is Beautiful.' from Apollo LTDTitle:Nothing is Ordinary. Everything is Beautiful.Artist:Apollo LTDReleased:05 Feb 2021Article: Residence/Centricity Music’s…



Apollo LTD - Patient EP
Sep 09 2020

Apollo LTD - Patient EP

Residence/Centricity Music’s cinematic, alt-pop duo Apollo LTD releases 'Patient'. Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark, two long-time friends who make up Apollo LTD, share the common goal to write honest songs that unite, turning…

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