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Zachary Ray recently returned from spending 9 years living in India. Upon his return he was inspired to write the song 'Refuge', which has just been released as the first single from his forthcoming album. LTTM spoke to him to find out about his time in India, and how personal grief led him to write this new song.

You've recently returned from living in India for a number of years - what were you doing out there and what was the experience like?

India is incredible; it's my family's second home. I met my wife in India (she’s American), and we...
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Zachary Ray Releases New Single 'Rebel Hearts'
Sep 17 2020

Zachary Ray Releases New Single 'Rebel Hearts'

Zachary Ray has released his latest single 'Rebel Hearts'. "As vital as it is for us to enlist and fight for truth, it is even more important to remember why we are fighting - not merely for the thrill of vanquishing some foe or…


Zachary Ray - Let Go (Single)
Mar 22 2020

Zachary Ray - Let Go (Single)

Zachary Ray has released his new single 'Let Go'. Discussing the song, Zachary explains, "In a world that seems so chaotic moving into a new decade and New Year, we are all looking for glimpses of hope and peace. I am already…

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