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KDMusic releases new single 'THE GRACE' on streaming platforms on 24th October. To launch it, KDMusic.co.uk is offering everything associated with the song to download for free, with the option to donate. Resources available include Sheet music, Mp3's, Lyric Videos, Backing Tracks and STEMS.

Surprisingly, although there are many songs about the Old Testament 'Aaronic Blessing', there are very few sharing the New Testament 'Benediction' from 2 Cor 13. So, THE GRACE has the potential to be of regular help to ordinary churches & worshippers everywhere. ...
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KDMusic Releases New Single 'Bright Sky Blues'
Jun 29 2021

KDMusic Releases New Single 'Bright Sky Blues'

KDMusic has released new single 'Bright Sky Blues', featuring John Hegarty, available now on all digital platforms. The single is the second release in the series leading to an autumn album, and is based on the "do not worry"…


KDMusic - Sunshine for Rainy Days
Oct 11 2019

KDMusic - Sunshine for Rainy Days

KDMusic releases its full-length debut album 'Sunshine for Rainy Days'. KDMusic are Dave Whitcroft (Songwriting, vocals, guitars & bass), Gillian Brown (Vocals), Sarah Whitcroft (Vocals & graphic design), Ian Hannah (Piano…

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