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Jenna Parr is at it again with a knock out of a single! 'T.K.O' is as Jenna describes "very short and sweet, but still powerful!" “With God on your side, you"ll Never lose.” She states that we’ve all been through our fair share of hardships and struggles this past year, some losing family and friends and others their jobs and livelihood.

This song is a reminder that God has and will continue to provide for us, even if we’re down for the count. He won’t let it be a total knock...
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Jenna Parr Releases Ballad 'The Runaway'
Feb 09 2021

Jenna Parr Releases Ballad 'The Runaway'

Rising Christian artist Jenna Parr is starting out 2021 with a single like she has never released before! Everyone loves a good ballad and Jenna has delivered just that. "The Runaway" delivers everything you wanna hear in a big…

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