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The inspiration hit different on this explosive Christ-centered musical expression already garnering support from around the globe! Music enthusiasts need to brace themselves for arguably one of the best Gospel albums of 2024 in Lawrence Hancock’s 10th studio album, See Me Through available April 19, 2024!

“This album shows that Lawrence Hancock still consistently produces top of the range sounds, delivering a set of songs that delve into his strong personal faith, and provide plenty of 'stand in awe' moments. It's difficult not to overstate the diverse range of musical styles here, from R&B and Hip Hop to Latin...
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Lawrence Hancock - See Me Through
Apr 12 2024

Lawrence Hancock - See Me Through

Gospel Stellar Award Nominee and Billboard Charting Artist Lawrence Hancock returns with his tenth album, 'See Me Through'. This bumper 13 track album showcases Lawrence's immense talent and ability to stay current and relevant…

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