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In 1992, a small church in the south of England begun a youth event called Cutting Edge. Producer/engineer Martin Smith (vocals and guitars) teamed up with studio owner Tim Jupp (keyboards) and graphic designer Stew Smith (drums) to provide the music for the events in Littlehampton. The youth event quickly grew and before long the 'Cutting Edge Band', as they were known, made a name for themselves as the most exciting band on the UK Christian scene.

Over the next couple of years the band released a number of mini albums, imaginatively titled Cutting Edge 1,2,3 and Fore, and sold them...
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Best Delirious? Album Poll Results - No. 1:  King Of Fools
Jul 24 2017

Best Delirious? Album Poll Results - No. 1: King Of Fools

Voted in at Number 1 in the LTTM Best Delirious? album Poll is 'King Of Fools' - officially your favourite Delirious? album of all time! Title:King Of FoolsArtist:Delirious?Released:16 Jun 1997 Track Listing:1. Sanctify 2…

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Delirious? - King Of Fools
Aug 22 2019

Delirious? - King Of Fools

Our Classic Album of the week is Delirious and 'King Of Fools'. Have a Listen and tell us your favourite tracks! Title:King Of FoolsArtist:Delirious?Released:19 May 1998 (US) 16 Jun 1997 (UK)


Martin Smith - Delirious?
Oct 08 2009

Martin Smith - Delirious?

As the lead singer of arguably the UK's most influential Christian band of all time, Martin Smith has had an incredible 17 year career with Delirious?. But in November the Delirious? story draws to a close as the band call it a…



Delirious? - Cutting Edge 20th Anniversary Edition
Apr 23 2012

Delirious? - Cutting Edge 20th Anniversary Edition

As one of the most successful Christian bands ever to come out of the UK, Delirious will be remembered as much for their worship songs that graced the church in the early 90s as for their contemporary rock tracks that made the…

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