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My Only Rescue


28 Aug 2012

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Sometimes when you put a CD on for the first time you have no idea what it's going to sound like. You either get the biggest treat in the world, or the worst treat in the world! With this new release from The Museum, thankfully it was a nice treat.

The band consists of Ben Richter (Lead Vocals / Electric & Acoustic Guitar), Chris Brink (Bass / Background Vocals), Josh Kirk (Drums / Programming), and Geoffrey Ashcraft (Electric Guitar).

 Formed in 2006, The Museum released their debut album 'Reverse This Dying Trend' independently in 2008.

It would be very easy and a...
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The Museum Record New Studio Album 'My Only Rescue'

The Museum Record New Studio Album 'My Only Rescue'

The second album from US pop band The Museum, titled 'My Only Rescue' will be released on 28th August 2012. The new album is the follow-up release to their Radio Chart-topping 2010 album 'Let Love Win'. Produced by Pete Kipley…

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