Swimming With Dolphins - Water Colours


Water Colours


17 May 2011

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Swimming With Dolphins is a synth-pop band and formed by Austin Tofte and Adam Young. Adam left to focus on Owl City while Austin has continued with Swimming With Dolphins.

Water Colours is the first full length album release from Swimming With Dolphins, after their EP Ambient Blue. Water Colours is different from their EP as this album has been created by Tofte and he has put his 'stamp' on it.

The album is a style of sugary, 80s synth-pop, much like that of Owl City, however Tofte has made this album his own with his unique style and sounds, setting...
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Swimming With Dolphins Set To Release 'Water Colours'

Swimming With Dolphins Set To Release 'Water Colours'

Swimming With Dolphins releases it's full length debut album 'Water Colours' next week on 17th May 2011. Originally planned for a March release but delayed until May, the album is the follow up to the group's independent release…

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