Kees Kraayenoord - Speak The Words


Speak The Words


05 Dec 2010 (US), 07 Mar 2011 (UK)

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With an ever growing number of worship leaders releasing worship albums, it takes a lot for a new album to stand out from the ever expanding crowd. Step up the mark Kees Kraayenoord (pronounced Case Cray-Nord) from Holland, who has been crafting his songwriting skills for over eight years at his local church. He now releases a 16 track worship album called Best of Kees Kraayenoord - Speak The Words.

Kees released his first studio album Broken back in 2005, the album was recorded in Switzerland and reached number one in the Dutch praise charts. Kees goes on to explain about...
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Kees Kraayenoord

Kees Kraayenoord

Dutch worship leader, songwriter and speaker Kees Kraayenoord has grown to become one of Holland's leading voices within the church. Last year he released a best-of album drawing songs from his seven albums, featuring…

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