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15 Sep 2017

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Acclaimed singer/songwriter Holly Starr is back with a new album titled 'Human', her first album in nearly two years. A multifaceted Kickstarter campaign was launched for the recording, which will transparently trace the highs and lows of Starr’s life.

‘We all go through ups and downs, seasons of great joy and seasons we wish we could erase,” she adds. “Writing songs from all these moments has been the heartbeat behind my music from the very beginning. And it's in that tender place of vulnerability that relationship happens, where loneliness is cast aside even for a minute, and where unity...
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Holly Starr

Holly Starr

Louder Than The Music caught up with acclaimed singer/songwriter Holly Starr to talk about her highly-anticipated new album Human, released this week. The album is her first recording in two years and explores God’s…

Holly Starr
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Holly Starr

Good and bad. Joy and pain. Life and death. Triumph and failure. It’s all a part of the human experience. And for her new album, aptly titled Human, singer/songwriter Holly Starr wanted to write about all of the above, giving…

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