• One: A Worship Collective - We Believe (Live)


One: A Worship Collective - We Believe (Live)

One: A Worship Collective - We Believe (Live)
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Track Listing:
1. Like Never Before (Ryan Williams)
2. Take Me In (Clayton Brooks)
3. Come Like The Dawn (Ryan Williams)
4. Every Good Gift (Clayton Brooks)
5. We Believe (Kurtis Parks And Clayton Brooks)
6. To Honor You (Clayton Brooks, Ryan Williams And Kurtis Parks)
7. Jesus At The Center (Micah Massey)
8. We Crown You (All Hail The Power) [Elmer Canas]
9. Set My Eyes On You (Kurtis Parks)
10. Great I Am (Christine D'clario)
11. You Are Forever (Kurtis Parks)
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Title: We Believe (Live)
Artist: One: A Worship Collective
Type: Album
Format: CD
Released: 05 Aug 2013
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