Kathleen Carnali Releases '2020 (Strangely Dim)' In Wake of Covid-19 Virus

Apr 27 2020

In wake of the COVID-19, Nashville recording artist & songwriter Kathleen Carnali makes an early release of her new song and music video '2020 (Strangely Dim)'. Within one week, her North American tour was canceled and she found herself confined at home in Nashville, TN. Kathleen began working tirelessly to produce the powerful imagery, music, and message of 2020 (Strangely Dim), which has already made a deep and lasting connection with it's listeners.

"With all the anxiety, depression, and suicide rates being the highest they’ve been since World War II, there is a dark and vulnerable place that many people find themselves in right now. I’m watching this song act as a light and road map, guiding people from a place of panic and fear to finding true peace and hope during these uncertain times... it's incredible. The answer always has been, and continues to be, setting our eyes on the ultimate healer… Jesus Christ."

Kathleen Carnali has been a strong voice in the churches of America, touring full time over the past 10 years. Her music and ministry to woman, and people of all ages has faithfully stood the test of time and has won countless souls to Jesus. Please consider adding this true and timely masterpiece of a song... for such a time as this. The world needs to hear.

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