DaShawn Shaunta Releases Christmas EP 'Nocturnal White'

Dec 13 2019

DaShawn Shaunta's new Christmas EP 'Nocturnal White' has now been released. Her first multi-song project drops just in time for the Christmas season. From bangers like 'Night Silence' to slow jams like 'God Stxrz', DaShawn delivers a variety of original music for lovers of the non-traditional Christmas style and it's sure to make your head nod!

Rap music is often divided into cliques, by content matter, sound, and a binary gender system. Because of this, it often gets grouped together due to a number of circumstances. While male rap continues to flourish, amidst this sectional system, women’s rap is still segmented, primarily by style and subject matter. DaShawn Shauntá is the first artist that exists in this liminal space between sections, being a multi-talented artist that pulls from everywhere to build her own unique identity.

DaShawn Shauntá comes from Grant Prairie Texas, birth place of Selena Gomez, and is one of the most interesting artists that you’ll ever meet. She incorporates rap, gospel, and R & B aspects to her music, her sensual voice being the spoon that blends them together like she’s stirring cake batter. The results are breathtaking  -  she moves like a cat, urbane and delicate, throughout her songs, enunciating certain words and phrases to thrilling effect. Her tenacious aesthetic is in conflict with her soulful demeanor and it’s unlike anything in the game. She’s new to the industry, but she’s absolutely necessary to facilitate the change we need and to open the floodgates for artists who don’t fit neatly into one category, especially women who are frequently thrown into one.

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