Tree Church Music Releases Single 'Even When' Ahead of Live Worship Album

Dec 04 2019

Tree Church Music, from Lancaster, Ohio, have released the first single 'Even When', taken from their forthcoming first live worship album 'Brokenness & Glory', available everywhere on December 8.

Discussing the single, the group's Michael Giacomoni explains, "I wrote this song in desperation. I was in my living room needing a move from God. I was just tired. Tired of a lot of things, but mostly tired of myself. Tired of letting God down. Tired of my own failure. In that place I think I fully understood grace for the first time. Like, really understood grace. I found myself screaming these lyrics at the top of my lungs. "Even when I'm running, Even When I'm hurting, Even When I'm desperate for your mercy, open up the gates of heaven". In that moment I understood grace. That's what this song is about. My prayer is that God would use that experience and this song to reach people the same way he reached me."

"Tree Church Music exists to lead the people of The Tree into the presence of God so we will respond and surrender to Him, living a life of worship every day of the week. As a church, we believe that worshiping God simply means to make Him the priority. Our worship team is dedicated to creating original songs and recorded music, as well as worship experiences that capture the unique heartbeat of our church, leading its people to worship God through music."

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