Alternative Rock Band Mawcore Release 'Bottom Feed' Single

Jun 17 2019

Mawcore, a Modern Hard Alternative Rock band, have released their first official radio single, 'Bottom Feed', from their upcoming release 'Mud Man'. 'Bottom Feed' is a 'raise your fist in the air' hard rock anthem, produced and mixed by Justin Forshaw of As We Ascend and Wild North West Studios. "So many voices will try to tell us we can't succeed after failure, but this song is a voice to all those who down to rise up against the negativity and realize we are forgiven, redeemed and more than conquerors", explains the band.

Pulling in core elements of grinding guitars, pulsing bass, pounding drums, layered electronica sounds and soaring vocals, Mawcore has created their brand of Alt. Modern Hard Art Rock. The band draws upon musical influences from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and carries into the present day, stretching and barreling onward towards eternity. From the Hebrew word, meaning “Wellspring”, Mawcore taps into the central line of the hopeless, with a continual supply of hope and life, through faith-based lyrics and a mended-heart filled message.

Mawcore was formed from the ashes of the former internationally distributed band, Blushing Well, who shared their music with thousands all around the world. They shared the stage with Skillet, Red, Disciple, Seventh Day Slumber, Jeremy Camp, Pillar and countless others. Their music was distributed internationally through Nightmare Records and played by radio stations in The Philippines, Yugoslavia, Norway, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Italy and the United States.

Although the past had crumbled, the three remaining members Joshua, Jeremy and Jeff found themselves with wounds being healed by the music within their core. Being joined by a variety of other musicians and eventually now permanent guitarist Ben, the programming talents of Chris, and the drumming skills of Paul, they crafted a sound uniquely their own. Each member brings their own reason to keep them going: Jeremy: “For me, life without music is no life at all. I breathe it. I live it. Being in Mawcore is an amplifier for the music in my head”;

Ben: “Music has shown me that there is a way to overcome fears and insecurities. When faith is tested, there is strength to be found in music with a message”; Jeff: “There is new life when the musician gets to share the journey with his offspring. The journey grows deeper and the passion more fervent when you are fighting for the life of others”; Joshua “If you cut me, I bleed music! This is such a deep part of my healing and knowing that we are sharing this healing with others, has made it all the more intense”; Chris: “The things that once made me feel undone and hurt, I now use to embrace others in their healing. This new journey has played a part in helping me believe that there is always hope and redemption”; Paul: "Music has been a constant in my life. It's one of the few ways I can express myself without limitation. However, God's glory is the chief end!". These passionate members are fueling the forward motion that is Mawcore!

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