Ni-Cola Releases 'Dear Mum' Ahead of New Album

May 22 2019

'Dear Mum' is the debut release from the upcoming album project from Ni-Cola. The original song connected with listeners across the world so much that Ni-Cola was inspired to create a live lounge acoustic version, in time for US Mother's day with the hope to encourage others who have experienced the loss of their mum, to be open to celebrating the life and lessons passed on.

Inspired by her own mum and 10 years in the making, Ni-Cola explains, Dear Mum it’s the love letter you didn’t get to write, it’s the intoxication of both joy and suffering and the journey of the one who’s lost and left behind. The one who grieves over the loss of the relationship, the memories shared and the unspoken conversations.

The song is also a celebration of life and encouragement to those who still have their precious Mums to never take them for granted, to love on them, to cherish them to value them because these Queens are one of life’s greatest, most unsung hero’s!

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