Switzerland's Plassix&Puso Release 'Holding Hands'

May 16 2019

Plassix&Puso, from Bern in Switzerland, have released their new single 'Holding Hands', which tells the story of what it would be like if you died leaving your love behind.

In his singing, Puso tells the story of two people going through life and the ups and downs related to it. The wish that his love doesn’t sink into deep sorrow, the hope of a reunion, the associated memory to hold hands and the longing to do it again, give the song a versatile perspective of present, past and future.

Jan Mattmann aka Puso was born in Bern in 1990 and grew up in a musical home. At the beginning of his school days Puso began with piano lessons and soon after taught himself to play the guitar. In his youth he was on the road with various rap groups and wrote lyrics. Over time Puso’s interest shifted and he began to sing. In 2015 he made his first release with the EP 'd Sunne geit uf', which received airplays from radio stations all over Switzerland. With the EP Puso won the youth prize of the civil community Bern and the song “Zitlos” made it into the top 25 at the annual M4music Demotape Clinic in the pop category.

Puso continued writing songs and at a meeting with Plassix in 2017 they realized that they complete each other very well in their manner and talents and form an excellent team. They started to meet regularly and developed common ideas, began to produce songs together and started the adventure Plassix&Puso.

Andy Amstutz aka Plassix took guitar and piano lessons as a child and teenager. Already as a child it was his dream to become a music producer. When he bought his first Mac at the age of 16, he was constantly experimenting with electronic beats. In 2012, at the age of 17, he released his first song “Polaroid” on Soundcloud, which received a lot of attention from TV, blogs and YouTube channels. From now on he could play in different local clubs and festivals (Gaskessel Bern “Tekkno-Town”, Bierhübeli Bern, etc.). After one year in America, he started his collaboration with Puso and remains true to his motive: to create a positive change through music.

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