Singer/Songwriter Lacy O'Connor Releases 'Orchards' EP

Apr 18 2019

Canadian-born, Nashville-residing singer/songwriter Lacy O'Connor, has released her debut five-song EP 'Orchards', featuring honest and resonant songs that introduce a textured and inviting space.

Music and time are a well acquainted couple. Sometimes music steeps like hot tea, and grows deep in our being without us even recognizing it. A sabbatical of time away from songwriting allowed a very special group of melodies and songs to rise to the surface of Lacy's voice. Canadian-born, and away from the sprawling wild that first brought music to her, the hills outside Nashville have become a sweet home for six years, as songs and lyrics slowly grew back into sight.

Grown within a close community of bluegrass and folk musicians, Lacy's childhood in Atlantic Canada crafted a love for harmonies, sincere lyrics, and vibrant music. In her debut EP, melody carries all, as texture and movement intertwine - 'Orchards' stands as a gentle and deeply moving experience, a vulnerable and rich journey cloaked as a singer-songwriter endeavor.

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