Eowyn Releasing 'Drenched' Single Ahead Of New Album 'Just Believe'

Oct 17 2018

Eowyn is releasing her new single 'Drenched', ahead of her long-awaited album 'Just Believe', slated for release in December and now available for pre-order.

The upcoming album brings a new style for the singer, who has not released a full length album since 2011's 'Beautiful Ashes'. The new album was produced by legendary rock producer Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Disciple, Pillar) who also produced her last two albums featuring 7 radio singles that landed on the top 20 National Rock Chart.

Just Believe started as an acoustic project, but ended up morphing into more of an alternative sonicscape. In Eowyn's words: "This was supposed to be my acoustic album, but it obviously came out a little differently. I just kept hunting for music that felt like represented where I am today, and lyrics that told not only my story, but others around me. I feel this album does just that! It's odd to say, but I feel it's also my worship album. Even when I was writing sometimes desperate lyrics, I felt like God was reminding me just how big he is and how every aspect of my life is in his hands. I am meant to glorify and worship HIM and JUST BELIEVE!"

Eowyn is an independent artist who's style has been described as raw, honest and as unique as her name.

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