Martin Smith Reveals Plan For New Live Album

Feb 08 2018

Martin Smith, the former frontman of the band Delirious?, has revealed plans to release a new live album. The album will feature live recordings of him performing with his band taken from their shows in 20 different countries over the past 2 years.

The 'God's Great Dance Floor' singer broke the news on his Instagram page, writing "Really excited to be working on a new live record. Taken from the last 2 years of travels across 20 different countries with an amazing band. This is Matt Hill who is helping edit it together. Look forward to letting you hear something soon."

Referring to the project on his own Instagram page, engineer Matt Hill revealed that he was inspired by the original Delirious? live album 'Live & In The Can'. "This was the album that inspired me", writes Matt. "The songs, the sound, the raw energy. It makes a lot of current 'Live Worship' albums sound very tame. I'll always be grateful that a few guys from the south coast of England took a brave step to make this album. And I hope that I will be just as brave for the sake of today's kids."

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