Interview: Matt Redman

Sep 03 2009

Matt Redman has been synonymous with worship music since the early 1990s, penning many of the most popular songs sung in churches all around the world. I Will Offer Up My Life, Once Again, The Heart Of Worship and Blessed Be Your Name are just some of the songs he has written. Originally from England, but now living in the USA, Matt is heavily involved in the Passion movement. Having just released his brand new studio album 'We Shall Not Be Shaken', Matt Redman spoke exclusively to Louder Than The Music about his music.

We Shall Not Be Shaken has just been released; Tell us a little bit about the album?

Much of the album centres around the theme of 'stability' - the fact that in a shaky, changing world, our God is unshakeable and unchanging. He is solid ground, a firm foundation. So there's several songs on the album about the strong faithfulness and faithful strength of Jesus.

You're now living and working in America, how did that come about and how much of a challenge has it been for you and your family adapting to living in a different country?

It was a huge change for us. We moved from a UK village of 5000 people to a USA city of 5 million! But we felt such a strong sense of purpose coming out here (to help start Passion City Church) and actually knew lots of people here already, including some really good friends. So we feel very blessed and privileged to be on this adventure.

What's your song writing process?

It always starts with a theme, and a desire to express that in a fresh way. It might be a bible verse which is hitting me in a new way, or a phrase you read in a newspaper - or a sermon series that's happening at church. Basically, some wonderful truth about God gets into your mind and heart - and then the creative part is to find a fresh way to voice that, both musically and lyrically.

It feels like you've been writing songs and recording albums for a very long time now - how do you manage to still find new inspiration for your songwriting?

It's to do with the glory of God! The glory of who He is and all He has done will never grown old, and the flow of songs that need to be sung to Him should therefore never grow dry.

Some of the albums you've released in the past have been amongst the most influential albums in Christian music - aside from your new album, which of your previous albums are you most proud of?

Facedown was a special moment in time for me. It was a beautiful time of recording (with 300 fellow worship leaders/songwriters) - and that theme really helped me think about painting a big picture of God through song.

Which do you prefer, leading worship or recording albums?

They're all part of the same thing really - songwriting, recording and leading a congregation in worship are just three different parts of the same journey - a quest to help people express their worship to Jesus in a creative, biblical, relevant and congregational way.

What advice would you give to young aspiring worship leaders?

Shout loud, bow low! (Leviticus 9:24)

You've written songs with many different writers, is there anyone you haven't worked with but would really like to in the future?

Actually, I've written with so many of my favorite writers and people - and feel so blessed by that. I would love to write a song with my good friend Tim Hughes - we've sat down to help each other and comment on potential songs etc, but never actually completed a song together yet. I would love that.

You're stuck on an island, it's hot, you only have enough battery life left to listen to one song on your mp3 player. What track is it?

Maybe 'Did You feel the mountains tremble' by Delirious - it's a classic - and so powerful.

What does the next year hold for Matt Redman?

Further adventures in planting Passion City Church with Louie and Shelley Giglio, Chris Tomlin and a fab team, and a tour with Casting Crowns around the USA.

To buy Matt's new album 'We Shall Not Be Shaken', click here.

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