Aryn Michelle Releases Concept Album 'The Realest Thing'

Sep 28 2017

Singer/songwriter Aryn Michelle has just released her new concept album 'The Realest Thing', inspired by the book Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig. Reasonable Faith walks through several philosophical arguments for the existence of God and the primary evidences for Jesus Christ as his son. Each of the songs on the album aspires to encapsulate these arguments in a memorable way so that people of faith can have a song in their heart to correspond to the reasoning in their head.

The album opens with a prelude that gives insight into Aryn’s struggle which led to the desire to explore this content. It concludes with a postlude that ponders what a deeper intellectual understanding of faith might bring.

Since childhood, singer/songwriter Aryn Michelle believed she had to record Christian music for two reasons: she had an unmistakable, powerful voice and she believed in Jesus. Isn’t that what a gifted Christian artist is supposed to do? Plus, as a pastor’s daughter she knew she wanted to stay in the family business.

After a disappointing experience at a music competition in her early twenties, she spent the following years questioning her calling and began to experiment with other genres and styles, searching for sure footing both as an artist and as a child of God. She released her first two secular albums after graduating from the acclaimed Berklee College of Music.

This search eventually led her back to her first love: writing insightful, challenging, thoughtful songs for the people of the church, from a distinctly Christian viewpoint. During her journey to understand her calling, she had long conversations with her pastor father who challenged her with questions like: “Who’s actually being touched by your music?” and “Why do you think God gave you such a unique history when it comes to your education, musical training and theological upbringing?” His incisive insights fanned a dim flame Aryn assumed had disappeared at that all-too-brief singing competition.

Aryn began recording distinctly Christian music in 2014 “not because I had to, but because I wanted to.” Having finally found her voice, her decision was quickly rewarded by being named Female Artist and Writer of the Year at the 2014 Gospel Music Association’s Immerse Competition.

In 2015, Aryn released Depth, an album made up of theologically heavy questions and challenges to coax listeners to reconsider their own faith in light of biblical truth. She considers it Christian music for thinking Christians.

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