HTC Music Releases Family Worship Album 'I Will Follow'

Sep 19 2017

HTC Music has just released a family worship album titled 'I Will Follow'. An animated lyric video to accompany the title track has also been created (see below).

"Every Sunday morning, we invite the kids at HTC to run up to the stage and sing a song with us (complete with actions)", explains the group. "It’s become one of our favorite moments of the service. When we realized we needed more songs for them to sing, our pastor Jamie suggested we try our hand at writing some original music.

This album is the result - it features songs that have come out of our community, and songs that our community has adopted as its own. We’ve arranged and recorded them in a style that’s accessible for the whole family, which is why we call it “Family Worship”, and our prayer is that your family is led to do just that as you celebrate along with us."

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