Newday Releases First Studio Album 'Forever, Now'

Aug 07 2017

Newday, one of the largest Christian events in the UK for young people, has released its first studio album 'Forever, Now', featuring 11 brand new songs. A live worship album is produced from the event every year, but in 2017 - for the first time - the team have supplemented their releases with a studio album.

A team of musicians, singers, songwriters, producers and creatives came together with one collective aim; to write a studio album celebrating the creativity, freedom and life-changing gospel of Christ, whilst giving space for the rawness of everyday life.

"We love to capture the sound of live worship and will keep continue to bring out live albums. However, live albums come with a lot of constraints! Time, pressure, live band, instrumentation etc", explains Newday.

"So we thought to ourselves, what if we started with a blank sheet of paper, without any of the constraints of a live album, and took some time out to record a studio album? This opens up a whole realm of creativity with production, sounds, genres and instrumentation that just wouldn't happen live. And so we did it.

We've been working hard since November last year, writing 11 brand new songs packed with truth, depth and honesty - all recorded and produced without the constraints of a live worship album, but with the gift of creativity, sounds and production available in studio.

As a team, we committed to writing songs and music pulsating with the life-changing gospel of Christ - to lead people in worship, whether live or in your headphones - that you'd encounter God and love Him more."

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