Florence Pun Records 'All The Way My Savior Leads Me'

Jun 26 2017

Florence Pun, a Royal Schools of Music certificated pianist from Hong Kong, has recorded a CD titled 'All The Way My Savior Leads Me' of piano music featuring favourite hymns and songs.

Before she started her college career abroad in USA, Florence had the opportunity to study private piano with a Master from the Warsaw Music Conservatory of Poland - the late Ms. Teresa Botellio, a renowned Hong Kong concert pianist. Piano has been her greatest passion outside of school and work. She first started her piano lessons at the age of 7. She started improvising on the piano and playing by ear at around 9 years old. As a student, she also happened to win several music awards in the piano competitions in Hong Kong and USA.

Florence continued to explore the piano on her own and polish her performing skill till today. She never stops learning and improving her tool. Her piano arrangement composition has been described as film music, they are heartfelt and storytelling. When the audience can hear the lyrics of the hymn in her piano, it is the greatest accomplishment to her.

Florence studied Fine Art and Interior Architectural Design in Florida and California USA. She was also a former flight attendant of an international airline based in Hong Kong. She is now spending most of her time in creating music and art which are her greatest passions. She has played piano voluntarily and professionally for many churches in Hong Kong and Southern California. She came to know Jesus through playing hymns and reading the Bible.

"The CD is more than just the music I wish to share with everyone but a testimony of God’s great work", explains Florence. "To record a piano CD is really a dream come true. I hope it would be a great encouragement and inspiration to many. God simply was using my hands to play music to bless others, guiding my mind, my heart and all that needed for accomplishing his purpose."

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