Newday Festival Releasing Latest Live Worship Album 'Heartbeat'

Oct 20 2016

The latest live album from the UK's Newday event is released this Friday, 21st October 2016. 'Heartbeat: Live Worship from Newday 2016' includes the title track and first single 'Heartbeat' featuring singer Becki Cox.

"The team has been hard at work getting the album ready, and we're so proud of how it's sounding", said the Newday organising team. "It pulses with the sounds of a rising generation. It beats with the words of a living gospel. It captures the hearts of 7,000 worshippers, gathered as one to declare that Jesus is Lord."

"One of the highlights of Newday each year is the live worship album which is recorded during the week. It’s a chance to remember the experience of being with thousands of worshippers singing and declaring the wonder of who God is together. It gives us the opportunity to listen again to skilfully written songs - crafted to stir your heart and engage your mind with truth.

This year, the album is called ‘Heartbeat’. Heartbeat is the song that Newday Worship have released as a single in the run up to this years event. We know it will set the tone for an album which is pumping with the sounds and songs of a rising generation, whilst beating with the heart of the gospel. From big anthems of God's faithfulness to intimate moments with the living God."

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