Chloe Reynolds Releases New Album 'Broken Beautiful'

Oct 05 2016

British singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist Chloe Reynolds has released her new album, 'Broken Beautiful'. The title track and debut single is accompanied by a music video (see below).

"To everyone in this video, I am overwhelmed by your strength and bravery", said Chloe. "Thank you for sharing your Broken Beautiful story with the world. You did an amazing thing, and this video is something you can be proud of. To everyone watching, I hope you are inspired by this video. We are all Broken Beautiful and we can all be an inspiration to others."

Chloe's music draws on many different genres to create a sound and style unique to her. The mix of warm vocals and spine chilling lyrics will leave you feeling moved to the core. She is not afraid to write songs about real challenges faced by real people.

On Chloe's debut EP, 'Unresolved', the listener is taken on a journey through subtle musings on the future, powerful lyrics which challenge injustice, her wishes for her 'someday daughter' and songs of healing and moving on. This EP really tells the story of someone who has learned to see beauty in everything. In Chloe's own words,

"Fame and success are not about being liked, they are about caring for the uncared for, and living a life of love, laughter and happiness. My songs are the expression of my heart and soul. If I remain true to myself, by writing about the things on my heart, then hopefully I will touch the hearts of others."

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