Review: The Kings Chamber Orchestra
Lost In Love

Dec 15 2008

The debut album from The Kings Chamber Orchestra certainly created a buzz and people soon began using "Strings of Heaven" in their Bible quiet times, devotionals & other such "hushed" church moments. Now they're back with the eagerly anticipated second album "Lost in Love". This album is, of course, in the same general style as the debut album; it sees a selection of worship songs, old and new, pulled together with the addition of the smooth sounds of the orchestra on each track. I am told that The Kings Chamber Orchestra, lead by Gerard Le Feuvre who founded the orchestra back in 1985, are sensational live and the overwhelming sense of worship that you get listening to this album seems to confirm this.

I loved the debut album "Strings of Heaven" with its great track listing and I'm sure this album will sell well, if you enjoyed the first album you should certainly pick it up. In my opinion, the track listing is not as interesting as the first and it seems to be missing one or two extra 'classic' tracks. Despite this the album is of top quality, reproducing the orchestras great live sound on CD without losing anything of the atmosphere through the recording process. I now can't wait till the next offering.

Review by Jono Davies

Jono rating 3 out of 5 stars
Standout Tracks

My Jesus, My Savior
Worthy Your so Wothy
Faithful One

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