Hostyle Gospel Release 'Skittles & Iced Tea' Single

Apr 26 2016

Hostyle Gospel have released their new single 'Skittles & Iced Tea (feat. John Givez)' on iTunes.

"The concept of 'Skittles & Iced Tea' originated with the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case", explains the group. "Especially the title of the song because that's what Trayvon Martin went to the store to purchase but ended up being murdered.

Though the concept originates with this case there have been hundreds more to follow. The chorus of the song starts out 'All I wanted was some Skittles and a Iced Tea', an idea that can be metaphorically used for our simple human rights.

'Skittles & Iced Tea' represents the rights of life. Freedom, Liberty, Justice, all things that all Americans are constitutionally promised. Not limited to only Americans, the world seeks after the same simple liberties.

To be able to go to the store after the Super Bowl and grab your favorite candy and soft drink and make it back home is not much to ask. 'All I wanted was some Skittles and a Iced Tea'."

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