Matt Hill Wins UCB Undiscovered Competition To Play At Big Church Day Out

Apr 14 2015

British songwriter, guitarist and producer Matt Hill has won the UCB Undiscovered competition and will perform at this year's Big Church Day Out event as his prize.

Matt's musical heritage includes a spell as guitarist for worship leader Noel Robinson, as well as five years serving as Worship Pastor at !Audacious Church, Manchester. Now with a stripped back band, and a gutsy sound of 90′s funk-rock meets 70′s blues-rock, Matt is stepping out with his highly anticipated solo record 'Masterpiece'.

"I would love people to like my guitar playing, my voice, and to connect with the songs...but at the end of the day I believe success is, simply, obedience", explained Matt in a recent interview with Louder Than The Music. "I believe God gave me these songs, I recorded them as best as I can with the best musicians and engineers I know."

Taking place on 23rd & 24th May, Big Church Day Out is the UK's largest outdoor Christian celebration and will gather more than 20,000 people from all denominations and all groups for 2 days of fun, music and worship together on the Wiston Estate in West Sussex.

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