Blog: LTTM Awards 2014 - No. 7: Ian Yates - DNA

Jan 13 2015

Voted in at Number 7 in the LTTM Awards 2014 is the album 'DNA' from Ian Yates.

Artist:Ian Yates
Released:21 Jul 2014

Track Listing:
1. Freedom Song
2. The First Day
3. Christ In Me
4. Innocent
5. Fullness
6. God I Need You
7. Rescued Me
8. We Remember
9. Spinning
10. We Enjoy You
11. We Stand

UK worship leader Ian Yates has been busy leading worship all over the country lately, but finally he has found time to enter the studio and record his new album 'DNA'. Right from the opening intro of 'Freedom Song', this album takes your breath away. Full of high tempo electronic sounds...
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