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Dec 23 2014

We asked a few well known artists some quick questions about their plans for Christmas. Check out their answers below in the ultimate LTTM Christmas Interview!

What is the best part of Christmas?

Kevin Max: "The smell of Evergreen & pine needles."

Ellie Holcomb: "Spending time with family and friends remembering the nearness of our God."

Speak Brother: "The Sense of togetherness of people and the increased willingness to look past differences, which is all just a result of reminding ourselves on how we're loved and the humility Jesus demonstrates. That, and chestnuts roasting on the open fire.

FireFly: "Honestly....... the food! Your probably asking the wrong person though, I am certainly no Mrs Christmas."

Luke Hellebronth (Worship Central): "Remembering 'Emmanuel - God With Us' and also Christmas Dinner!"

Ian Yates: "Good Question, Spending time with friends and family, enjoying life"

Cathy Burton: "The best part of Christmas is spending time with my family and having some time out at Capernwray".

Ben Cantelon: "Family & Food!"

Trent: "Interesting Question. I enjoy the traditional village watch night service and the next day watching the kids unwrap presents!"

Haydon Spenceley: "This year it'll be the week off afterwards! and the opportunity it gives to introduce people to Jesus is really exciting too"

Amie Aitken: "How it encourages people to be creatively generous to others... and the John Lewis adverts!"

Daughter of Davis: "Aww tough question. Well being on the road driving home for Christmas is one of the best bits... especially when the song comes on... haha. And also getting to see everyone!

Andy HunterAndy Hunter: "The build up as everyone seems so much happier and spending time with my family"

GhostShip: "Christ the king stepping off his throne to come to us as a helpless baby. Such a amazing picture of humility. The immanence of God. Floors me every Christmas. Our God crying in a barn. God shivering. God Hungry. Emmanuel. God is with us."

Tom Logan (We Are Lions): "FOOD".

Have you asked for a new album this Christmas?

Kevin Max: "Yes, Bryan Ferry's Avonmore on vinyl please."

Luke Hellebronth: "No, but I'm open to iTunes vouchers"

Amie Aitken: "Haven't asked for an album but did ask for Jason Mraz tickets!"

Ben CantelonIan Yates: "Thinking Taylor Swift or Cheryl, Don't Judge Me, lol"

Andy Hunter: "We have a son and daughters birthdays coming before Christmas. So haven't thought that far ahead."

Ben Cantelon: No, instead I'll ask for Spotify

Tom Logan: "Nah i always just listen to Elvis's Christmas hits.

Cathy Burton: "I haven't asked for a new album, I would really like to make photo album of the kids for the year !!!!"

Speak Brother: "Not yet, but I think I'll be asking for the new Foy Vance LP"

Cathy BurtonFireFly: I'm holding out for Bethel's new album!"

Trent: "Standard mother in law gift will be the new Coldplay DVD. Might sneak in a bit of Royal Blood, Ben Howard and some Damien Rice

What time do you wake up on Christmas Morning?

Kevin Max: "Unfortunately rather early, although I don't let the kids open presents until I have my first cup of coffee."

Ian Yates: "Usually 8am or 9am on Christmas Day, now with the baby it'll prob be 6:30am

Daughters of DavisSpeak Brother: "Normally too early! But I'm OK with that really."

Luke Hellebronth: "Whatever time I'm needed for soundcheck"

Tom Logan: "8am if I'm lucky, always a house full of excited children to wake me up".

Andy Hunter: "About 6:00am. Excited to see what Santa has brought."

Trent: "Too early… hopefully not before 6 am"

Cathy Burton: "Last Christmas it was 3.30am then 5.00am then 5.30am and then eventually 7.30am"

Ben Cantelon: "7:30am (baby wakes us up)"

FireFly: "As late has humanly possible...... usually 10am due to church."

Amie AitkenWhat is your favorite Christmas Song?

Kevin Max: "Probably Bing Crosby & David Bowie's duet 'Little drummer Boy/Peace on Earth.'"

Ben Cantelon: "Tough one - tie between Silent Night and O holy night"

Speak Brother: "O Holy Night, Which is a carol if that counts?"

Ellie Holcomb: "O Holy Night or Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel."

Luke Hellebronth: "Silent Night"

Cathy Burton: "I'm a big fan of Christmas carols and choral music at Christmas my fave is "The Angel Gabriel"

Ian Yates: "I love 'O Holy Night'"

Tom Logan: "Has to be the king with "Its Christmas time pretty baby". Always gets me in the mood".

Luke HellebronthAndy Hunter: "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"

Trent: "Driving home for Christmas"

FireFly "O Holy Night..... including the forgotten verse"

Amie Aitken: "Christmas In The Sand by Colbie Caillat"

What's your plan for New Years Eve?

Kevin Max: "Hopefully repeating my New Year's Eve two years back, dancing & chatting with old friends, while standing in my old phone booth"

Speak Brother: "Something with great people, a fire, chocolate and quite possibly a glass of good scotch."

Ian YatesAndy Hunter: "I just get back from playing in the U.S on New Years Eve. So we are having a house party"

FireFly: I will be bringing New Years in with my church family, quizzing, eating and worshipping."

Cathy Burton: "New year I usually spend with my family in Cornwall and this year we will be together again seeing the new year"

Ben Cantelon: "No plans yet, probably spend NYE with close friends!"

Luke Hellebronth: "Perth with Friends"

Haydon SpenceleyIan Yates: "Usually have a party with family and friends, hopefully we'll do that again. Last year we were in Australia, that was pretty special."

Trent: "Not sorted out NYE yet!"

Tom Logan: "New years eve I'm hosting a post apocalyptic themed murder mystery party. All kinds of dressing up fun to be had."

Amie Aitken: "New Years will hopefully be spent at our annual band Hootenanny with tonnes of food, cocktails and, of course, the music quiz!"

Merry Christmas From Louder Than The Music!

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