Remedy Drive Turn To Kickstarter For Counter-Trafficking Album 'Commodity'

May 07 2014

US rock band Remedy Drive are using a Kickstarter Campaign to fund a new indie album titled 'Commodity', planned for release this September, which the band are describing as a counter-trafficking album.

"We are releasing these songs of freedom to shine a light on the trafficking of human souls. We're calling it Commodity", confirmed front man David Zach.

"The dream is to record a collection of melodies that will cut through the darkness like lasers to remind our souls of freedom. We want to make a concept album on liberty, to shine a light on slavery, to protest oppression and to empower rescue."

"My hope is that this album will sound like a captive's dream of liberty - a defiant reminder, against all odds, that it's in the King's kingdom the oppressed can find refuge, the marginalized can find hope, the child soldier can find safety, the trafficked daughter in the red light district can return to her innocence again as a princess of the realm."

Remedy Drive released their seventh studio album, 'Resuscitate', in 2012 featuring the singles 'Better Than Life' and 'Make It Bright'.

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