New John Mark McMillan Single 'Future / Past' Ahead Of 'Borderland' Album

Jan 16 2014

Acclaimed singer/songwriter John Mark McMillan has just released the first single, 'Future / Past' from his upcoming independent album 'Borderland'. John Mark's fourth studio album will be released on 4th March 2014.

"Borderland speaks to the idea of the 'place between places,'" says McMillan, "which is where I feel I've been living as a person, as an artist, and as a believer for a couple of years. While few things describe the Christian experience more than the 'place between places,' it is also a concept everyone can relate to.

We all walk lines between work and family, love and responsibility, art and commerce, passion and business and so on. Many of these songs are my commentary from a life between the crevices and on the verge."

This will be the first album released through John Mark's recently launched record label, Lionhawk Records. 'Borderland' was funded by a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 raising over $69,000 and backed by more than 1,500 contributors.

In addition to the anticipation around McMillan's upcoming LP, the Charlotte, North Carolina native's previous work continues with its success. In 2012, 'Seen A Darkness', from his last album 'Economy', was featured in the promo for the Grey's Anatomy episode, 'Hope for the Hopeless' (Season 8: Episode 12).

His single 'How He Loves' was recently listed by Integrity Music as one of the 25 most influential worship songs in the past 25 years and still today ranks on CCLI's Top 25 chart. John Mark is proud to be an ambassador for World Vision and an advocate for its work in Bahkari, India.

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