Matt Redman Explains Theme Of Grace On New Album 'Your Grace Finds Me'

Sep 25 2013

Acclaimed worship leader and two-time Grammy winner Matt Redman follows up the success of his impactful song '10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)' with his latest project, 'Your Grace Finds Me' released this week.

"The title songs is a celebration of the full spectrum of God's grace", explains Matt in a forthcoming interview with Louder Than The Music. "It's saying that of course first and foremost the grace of God finds us at the cross. But the story of grace doesn't stop there. His grace finds us in so many of the details of our everyday lives."

"Breathing is grace - for it's the freely-given, undeserved gift of God in our lives", the songwriter continues in the full interview, coming soon to LTTM.

"Our friends and families are gifts of grace - we did nothing to earn these blessings, it's just God's generosity and kindness to us. Everyone, whether they it or not, and whether they acknowledge it or not, wakes up daily with the grace of God at work in their lives. So the songs is really a celebration of that, some words and notes to help us reflect on that, and reply with praise."

Matt Redman recorded 'Your Grace Finds Me' at Passion City Church's 'LIFT: A Worship Leader Collective' in Atlanta. Matt was recently honored with nine Dove Award nominations including Songwriter of the Year and Song of the Year.

This October Matt Redman will be joined by fellow British worship leader and former Delirious front-man Martin Smith for a combined tour in Europe. The 'God's Great Dance Floor Worship Tour' will visit eight cities across mainland Europe including Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Germany and Holland.

'Your Grace Finds Me' Track Listing:
1. Sing and Shout
2. Your Grace Finds Me
3. Mercy
4. Need You Now
5. This Beating Heart
6. One Name Alone
7. Jesus, Only Jesus
8. Wide As the Sky
9. Good Forever
10. Let My People Go
11. Come and See
12. Benediction

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