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Apr 24 2013

Third Floor Movement have two passions: Jesus and music. They've neatly figured out how to combine these passions in their first album 'Sing of This Love'.

The guys are all around university age, based in the Tunbridge Wells area. They each serve in the worship teams of their respective churches, with most of them leading regularly in some capacity.

Have a look at the promo brochure to read the band's biographies. Andrew is the frontman, co-writing and arranging the songs with Ross, with input from Jack, Dave and Tom. The band started back in 2010 as an evolution of a local church youth band. Andrew’s studies at the aptly named Canterbury Christ Church University have been a catalyst for growth, as well as introducing him to Tom and Ross. As the band has matured, the music too has developed in leaps and bounds.

They are a gifted lot, all being able to play multiple instruments, so swapping instruments between songs has become a feature of their live performances. On most TFM songs you’ll hear Andrew singing lead vocal with Ross providing backing vocals, harmonies and acoustic guitar. Tom plays bass, Jack’s on drums and Dave provides the glue on electric guitar.

Sing Of This Love is their debut mini-album, a collection of favourite original songs from the last couple of years. The recording quality shines through; the mixing and producing were entrusted to Neil Costello at the iconic ICC studios in Eastbourne. Neil has worked with many of the big names in Christian music through his connections with Kingsway and Integrity music and his input, guidance and sage advice has been invaluable.

Describing the band’s musical style has been interesting; Jono (LTTM) suggestsclean British indie rock’, which the guys were pleased with! There’s something for everyone in their music and that’s what they’re aiming to achieve; music that’s accessible to all, regardless of their beliefs, but unashamedly carrying Christian lyrics. Jono says ‘This is a band who have written songs that have real meaning and actually at times lyrically you get a real sense of God’s Glory.

You can find the lyrics and chord sheets for all the band’s songs on their website along with practical videos for worship leaders.

The band’s desire is to write songs that come from a very personal place, based around life experiences. By My Side is one of those honest songs. From the start you can tell the song has been lived through words grounded in scripture. It expresses a desire to walk side by side with God while facing the reality that it’s a harder path to follow. It also brings revelation about the clarity in purpose that walking with God provides.

One of those purposes is to share God’s word through their songs. Jack says, “if just one person comes to Christ from hearing our songs then that’s good enough.”

Another purpose is to share Jesus through direct action. Most of the guys have been on short term overseas mission or involved in local outreach activities, generally organised through their churches. Jack has been to Mozambique, Ross has worked in Albania and Tanzania, and Dave is intending to visit the latter this summer.

They see serving God as a lifelong adventure full of opportunities to serve people who are poor or vulnerable, which is why they are teaming up with Tearfund to promote their various youth programmes through and their short-term missions program with

We hope you enjoy the album and a big thank you for listening to our songs! Hopefully they speak some of God’s love into your life too. We don’t know what the future holds but it’s exciting to see what God’s got in store. We’ve already got a bunch of new songs together with the goal of recording a full album of new songs at the end of the year - watch this space!

- Andrew, Ross, Dave, Jack & Tom

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