DJ Andy Hunter Releases New Five-Track EP 'Glow'

Jul 23 2012

The British Christian DJ Andy Hunter has released a new five-track EP, titled 'Glow'. The EP features vocals from singers Monique Thomas and Beth Bullock and was inspired by the internationally acclaimed DJ's recent trip to India with the Compassion charity.

In an exclusive interview with Louder Than The Music published today, Andy said "Back in February I had the chance to go to Kolkata with the charity Compassion UK to see up close the work that they do and also have the privilege of meeting the boy that my wife and I sponsor. Needless to say the trip was very challenging and life changing."

"I was reading Isaiah 58 as well at the time where it talks about how we should serve the poor and if we do that God will make us Glow", he continues. "So I wrote the track with Monique Thomas who is the featured vocalist and also who I met on the Compassion trip. In the breakdown of the track you can hear a recording of my sponsored child and his school mates as they performed a song."

The EP also includes the track 'Rise Up' which Andy describes as "a call to everyone within the church to get up, stand up and get active in the things that God has called them too."

'Glow EP' Track Listing:
1. Rise Up
2. Glow (feat. Monique Thomas)
3. One Motion
4. Spiral (feat. Beth Bullock)
5. Hold On

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