The Museum - My Only Rescue
Last modified: 13 Aug 2012

The Museum - My Only Rescue
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Sometimes when you put a CD on for the first time you have no idea what it's going to sound like. You either get the biggest treat in the world, or the worst treat in the world! With this new release from The Museum, thankfully it was a nice treat.

The band consists of Ben Richter (Lead Vocals / Electric & Acoustic Guitar), Chris Brink (Bass / Background Vocals), Josh Kirk (Drums / Programming), and Geoffrey Ashcraft (Electric Guitar).

 Formed in 2006, The Museum released their debut album 'Reverse This Dying Trend' independently in 2008.

It would be very easy and a little bit cynical of me to just say this is another rock pop band from America. Yes they do have their big rock pop anthems that are catchy in places, but what makes this band stand out is the whole tone of the album. The album has an air of wanting to do it right and say things in a gentle and sincere way.

Tracks like Found In You and My Only Rescue are so gentle they wouldn't hurt anybody or anything. You could say that's just a band trying to not offend. But what I mean is this band want to do the big chorus, but not sound like every other pop/rock mid tempo band out there.

For me, the start of the album is much stronger than the end, but special mention should be made for More Than Words, it's such a beautiful song about being near to God. I found myself singing along to the chorus of "I want to know you more than words, more than words".

The future is very bright for The Museum. I can easily see them touring round the country next year with other similar bands and doing well. With this album they haven't changed the face of Christian music, but what they have done is make it sound very good.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
My Only Rescue
More Than Words
Solid Ground
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