Remedy Drive Confirm Seventh Studio Album 'Resuscitate'

Jun 28 2012

US rock band Remedy Drive will release their seventh studio album 'Resuscitate' on 18th September 2012. The album will include their new singles 'Better Than Life' and 'Make It Bright'.

"We've finished tracking and it is now in the process of being mixed and mastered", confirmed the band. "We're so excited for you to hear it! These songs are very near and dear to our hearts and souls."

Last year the high-energy rock band from Nashville released their 'Light Makes A Way' EP independently, before signing with Centricty ahead of their new album's release.

"We just want to keep making music and writing songs that shoot holes in the night sky, so that the light can break through the darkness", enthuses the band's leader David Zach. "This new chapter of the band is an awesome adventure, and we're excited to see where the road leads us, because music can go places where nothing else can. It can break down barriers, rebuild bridges, soften the hardest of hearts, and remind us to never lose hope."

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