Bumper 20th Anniversary Edition Of Delirious' Cutting Edge Released

Apr 24 2012

A special bumper collection of the early songs from British worship band Delirious has been released this week. 'The Cutting Edge Years - 20th Anniversary Edition' includes three CDs and one DVD, featuring the band's original Cutting Edge 1 to 4 EPs and their first ever live album, 'Live And In The Can'.

The DVD featuring eight Cutting Edge songs performed by the band at their final concert together at London's Hammersmith Apollo on 29th November 2009, plus bonus material: 'Live at Studio One Abbey Road', a video of the song 'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever' featuring The London Community Gospel Choir (LCGC) and 'The Delirious? Story'. In addition there are six limited edition postcards included with the album.

"These past 20 years have been inspiring times for all, especially the band", says Delirious? lead singer Martin Smith. "'Cutting Edge' was a unique time in our lives and these songs were the soundtrack to a movement that hungered after God in a new way. A movement that sang in the streets and saw the mountains tremble."

The band were one of the UK's most successful Christian groups ever, releasing numerous albums and writing many modern worship songs including 'Lord You Have My Heart', 'Thank You For Saving Me', 'Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?' and 'I Could Sing of Your Love Forever'. The band also made significant inroads into the mainstream music industry, achieving eight Top 40 UK singles, culminating in 'History Maker' which reached number 4 in 2010 following a fan-led campaign.

'Cutting Edge 20th Anniversary Edition' Track Listing:

CD 1 'Cutting Edge 1 & 2':
01. Message Of The Cross
02. Singers Song
03. Lord You Have My Heart
04. What Is This Thing Called Love?
05. The Crucible For Silver
06. Thank You For Saving Me
07. The Happy Song
08. Prophet Song
09. King Of Love
10. Coming Back
11. Lead Me
12. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

CD 2 'Cutting Edge 3 & 4':
01. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?
02. I've Found Jesus
03. Oh Lead Me
04. Shaken Up
05. I'm Not Ashamed
06. Find Me In The River
07. Louder Than The Radio
08. You Split The Earth
09. When All Around Has Fallen
10. I've Searched For Gold
11. Shout To The North
12. All I Want Is
13. Obsession

CD 3 'Live & In The Can':
01. Spontaneous Section 1
02. I'm Not Ashamed
03. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble ?
04. Spontaneous Section 2
05. Oh Lead Me
06. Obsession.
07. Spontaneous Section 3
08. Spontaneous Section 4
09. Come Like You Promise
10. Spontaneous Section 5
11. Spontaneous Section 6
12. What A Friend I've Found
13. Spontaneous Section 7
14. I've Found Jesus
15. Spontaneous Section 8
16. Lord's Prayer
17. Spontaneous Section 9

The Cutting Edge Show (Taken From the 'Farewell Show')
1. I'm not Ashamed
2. Happy Song
3. Shout To The North
4. Thank You For Saving Me/White Ribbon Day
5. I Could Sing of You Love Forever
6. Find Me in The River
7. Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble
8. Dance in The River
9. Live @ Studio One Abbey Road
10. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever Feat LCGC
11. The Delirious? Story

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