The Vespers - Fourth Wall
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The Vespers - Fourth Wall
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The Vespers are my new favorite band, which is something I don't say very often. Yes they are what I look for in a band. A band who are creative, different and interesting. They are creative musically and have great vocals, clever lyrics and just sound beautiful all round. Ladies & Gents, let me tell you about The Vespers.

The band are made up of lead vocalists Callie (21) and Phoebe Cryar (19), plus Bruno (20) and Taylor Jones (22), all four band members contribute to the songwriting. The Fourth Wall is the second album from this folk/pop/Americana foursome and it's a real treat.

This album actually works as a collection of work more than as individual songs. The album does take a few twists and turns, with the Mumford & Sons inspired tracks Better Now and Instrument For You to the happy-go-lucky poppy sounds of Jolly Robber and Flower Flower. Am I starting to explain how much of a great album this is?

The harmonies of the two sisters are truly remarkable and compliment each other so well in all of the songs, but in their own right their voices are so interesting to listen to. But add to that some great musicianship throughout and you can't go wrong. 

Of course the folk sound is very very popular these days, and actually for me this album is as interesting as it is great. Listening to the whining and rolling mid-country tones of Grinnin In Your Face proves this band are not willing to just do things the way they think Christian music should sound.

You might have guessed it by now, I'm a big fan of this band. Taking a modern folk rock sound and making it their own, with great sounds and clever guitar and bass work throughout, this album is for anybody who likes music that is truly beautiful. With vocalists like The Vespers, you can't go wrong.

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Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Better Now
Instrument For You
Grinnin In Your Face
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