Nine Lashes - World We View
Last modified: 29 Feb 2012

Nine Lashes - World We View
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Nine Lashes have released their debut album 'World We View' via the rock record label Tooth & Nail. This five piece band have crafted together eleven tracks for this album and included a guest vocal from Demon Hunter's Ryan Clark on the track 'Our Darkest Day'. The band's label say of this album, "Nine Lashes pours forth a modern rock sound that is as melodic as it is heavy", and I couldn't agree more.

The album cover look like a heavy rock band album cover and that's exactly what you get with this album. From the opening riff of Anthem Of The Lonely the aggressive dark guitar sounds ring out all through the album. It might sound a bit silly saying this for a heavy rock album but there are elements of catchiness to the songs, for example there is actually a beautifulness to the melody on songs like The Intervention.

Get Back tries to hide in a heavy metal background of noise, but what actually is trying to push out is mainstream friendly rock, and I add this ever so quietly, maybe even a pop song. Afterglow has a very Foo Fighters vibe to it, similar to the song Everlong and such a beautiful tune this one is.

Adrenaline and Our Darkest Day take the album back into the heavy rock genre, big guitar riffs and big power choruses are the theme of these songs. Both of them have high impact vocals that twist and turn the song around from thoughtful verses to high energy passionate shout out loud choruses. Memo moves the album back into the more radio friendly kind of sound, it still rocks out but you can imagine this being played on the radio next to Christ Tomlin and Audrey Assad.

I have found myself torn with this album, yes it's a great hard rock album at times but there is also an element of the band trying to please fans of other genres, which can sometimes take away from the heavy edge. That might upset people who love out and out heavy rock music and I know in music you can't please everybody, but sometimes I felt this album tries to do a little bit too much. For a debut release this is a very strong album and some of the songs on here are stunning and well worth checking out no matter if you like heavy rock, indie, rock, punk, pop, pop/rock, rock/pop, metal, plastic metal, plastic rock, rock metal or whatever kind of music takes your fancy! Ohh, before I forget, final track My Friend is actually a really touching and beautiful way to finish the album.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Anthem Of The Lonely
Get Back
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