House Of Heroes Begin Recording New Studio Album

Dec 19 2011

Alternative Rock band House of Heroes have entered the studio to start recording their new full length album. The band are working with producer Paul Moak (The Blind Boys of Alabama, Mat Kearney) at Smoakstack Studio in Nashville and plan to spend just 15 days recording the album, before releasing it in spring 2012.

"The studio is quite spacious which affords us some pretty cool and unique opportunities", explained the band. "For instance, we can all set up exactly what we want to use gear wise and play together in the same room live. We try to execute our parts as flawlessly as we can and when it's done we have drums, bass, and 2 guitar tracks done minus a few things that need fixed."

The band also revealed the titles of two tracks they've recorded so far, 'Out My Way' which they describe as "a very strong contender for track 1 on the record", and 'Dance/Blow It All Away'. The new album will be the follow up to House of Heroes previous album 'Suburba' which was released in 2010.

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