Review: L.E.D
Just Dance

Dec 21 2011

L.E.D is a new, exciting, upbeat band with a mixed flavour of tunes, beats and grooves that are radical and competing with the pop industry, but with a difference in lyrics expressing positive life choices and inspiring young people to reach their potential. The band is comprised of singers Nikki Uglow, Morag Stolton, rapper Chris Uglow and drummer Joe Burgess.

The main aim of the band is to reach young people where they are through engaging lessons, workshops and gigs in secondary schools, with the aim to encourage these young people to make positive life choices.

Opening track Right Way is all about not following the crowd and doing things God's way. With a chorus of "Enough is enough, I ain't going to play these games anymore... Not gonna follow the crowds... I'm going to do it the right way", this sums up the whole message behind the song, with a solid dance beat to this track this is a strong opener. The chart dance beat of Just Dance is the strongest track on this EP, with a catchy melody and thumping beat - again, another solid track


Things slow down a little for Beautiful which is all about what God did for us on the cross. This is a pure pop/worship ballad, sounds like a strange concept but it's actually a great message about the holiness and worthiness of God. Loves Ya kicks back in with a strong dance beat and again this track has a positive message about there being more to life than drugs and sex and materialistic stuff. This is a strong practical message we should be telling our kids, in what is a very difficult and hard world to grow up in.

This EP is aimed for young teens and kids in schools where the band are doing a lot of their work, this is a something that should be commended. With the dance beats being influenced by the mainstream charts and positive uplifting words this EP does what it sets out to do. If you know a young person who is starting on the hard teenage road of life and they love their pop music then this EP is well worth buying for them.

Review by Jono Davies

LTTM Rating 4 Out of 5 Stars
Standout Tracks
Just Dance
Loves Ya

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