The Royal Royal - Praise Him
Last modified: 13 Dec 2011

The Royal Royal - Praise Him
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Having just coming off a tour with Hillsong United, The Royal Royal are about to take the music world by storm. Hailing from Canada, Nathan and Gabe Finochio grew up in a pastor's house as well as a musical home where worship music has always been a first love. While serving at their father's church in rural Ontario, the guys scrapbooked a host of modern congregational and devotional offerings. Now with their new EP Praise Him, get ready for something a little bit different.

The EP opens with the title track Praise Him which lends towards the synth pop/rock sound, a very 80's feel with vocals that deeply flow into a chorus that sings out praises to God. One of the strongest part of this track is the bass beat, for me it really stood out. The other big track on the EP is Heart Beats, with a heavy tom sounding drum and a bass beat that rings through. If you think it's a little bit dark then that's what the band is trying to capture, that Jesus should be our heartbeat. A great song, very indie, very alternative, and that's why it's such a standout track for me.

What follows is an acoustic version of the song, and what I find alluring about this is the heartfelt beauty of the opening track is still captured when the song is just vocals and an acoustic guitar. The chorus of "Because of you Jesus, you're the only one that frees us" is still as poignant as ever. On both versions I love the "In You I am alive" bridge part, and I especially love the harmonies and melody. The bridge does have the same feeling and sound of The Killers track 'All These Things That I've Done'. It builds in a similar way to the bridge on that track that sings "I got soul but i'm not a shoulder". Heart Beats is a stunning track and this can also be said about O Holy Night, again heading down the atmospheric angle, but what a great version.

There is something a little bit refreshing about this band, if not necessarily different. Overall they are an atmospheric band who let each note ring out, with no gimmicks or clever production, just well fleshed out indie worship music with no strings. Isn't that the way we want music to be anyway?

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Praise Him
Heart Beats

O Holy Night
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