New Album 'A Way To See In The Dark' For Jason Gray

Jul 08 2011

Jason Gray will release his new studio album 'A Way To See In The Dark' on 13th September 2011. Jason has again worked with producer and songwriter Jason Ingram, who also worked on previous album 'Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue' (2009). The new album includes the first single 'Remind Me Of Who I Am'.

Centricity Records describe the album as "a thought-provoking collection of artful, emotional and radio-friendly tunes that achieve a high level of accessibility without sacrificing any of Gray's personality or creativity."

The label goes on to say, "Jason Gray's songwriting has consistently earned the respect of his artist peers, largely for his uncanny ability to absorb images, emotions and truths from a variety of sources: theology, literature, relationships, his own struggles, pop culture, poetry, etc., and to pull together those diverse strands into a unified whole. Over the years he has developed a razor sharp knack for saying deep things in a way that the rest of us can relate to."

'A Way To See In The Dark' Track Listing:
01. Remind Me Who I Am
02. The End Of Me
03. No Thief Like Fear
04. Good To Be Alive
05. The Sound of Our Breathing
06. Without Running Away
07. Fear is Easy, Love Is Hard
08. Nothing Is Wasted
09. A Way To See IN The Dark
10. The Other Side
11. I Will Find A Way
12. Jesus We Are Grateful

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